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Nano X Solar is working towards the utilization of ingot growth technology for our silicon production growth facility.
Our pioneer processing with Siemens automation will allow our 140 crystal Czochralski (CZ) furnace pullers to produce a USA 1st time record for manufacturing of monocrystalline for silicon growth equipment. Our continued advancements at Nano X Solar will enable our partnerships with world wide leaders in architecture, development, and manufacturing of turnkey monocrystalline ingots for semiconductor and solar industries.
Nano X Solar believes that nano thin-film and Chemical Vapor Disposition (CVD) with High Pressure Vacuum (HPV) will allow us to produce diamond like carbon to provide higher energy efficiencies in the infinite band gap to harvest more energy at cooler temperatures.
Sunlight can be absorbed at different wavelengths of light as silicon tends focuses mostly on the red and infrared part of the spectrum; while perovskite excels at green and blue light. Providing an RGB infinity band gap for near 35% efficiency by theory. PV Today this is 29.15%.
The production of Nano X Solar materials for automated equipment giga-line in our turnkey foundry for exposure crystalline technology as diamond, germanium, and gallium arsenide will be state of the art and this advancement in solar capture technology has not been done before.
Additional information about the Nano X Solar wafer technology is deemed "intimate IP (intellectual property)" and we will be happy to selectively elaborate with key contributors moving forward as we evolve.