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The laser technology being incorporated into our design will enhance the processes with quality assurance and nano detection into the crystal lattice of the mono-crystalline wafer. Sometimes during diamond wiresaw cutting of the materials you get vibration cracks or formation inconsistencies of the manufacturing of high yield production of nano materials.
Nano X Solar is a leader in the making in solar technology manufacturing.
Lasers would remove the environmental waste, decrease production of silicon dust, optimize automation, and increase the consistency in processing of silicon ingot CZ materials for semiconductor and solar wafers. The cutting, cleaving, and time would be more efficiency into the scalability of Nano X Solar scaling into an automated crystal laser growth plasma ovens, UV-e beam coatings, and laser cutting of Nano X Solar Materials being one of the most benefits of scaling our production into next-generation crystal processing standards for being a leader in Nano X Solar Technology.
Lasers can also enhance the plasma field towards Nano X Solar Windows for High rise builds and rooftops. The placement of spraying and laser curing of printed materials towards organic perovskite allows for us to reduce our cost per watt to print nano materials for scaling the future commercial adoption of utility-scale modules that last 30 years, we could bring the cost of electricity below 2 cents per kilowatt/hour. At that price, we could use Laser Plasma Printed Wafers for utility scale energy production. This is about one tenth the price of silicon.
At a production rate of 44 ft per minute. Precursors will produce Nano X Solar Thin Film for many new applications such as agriculture greenhouses, rooftop scaling PV, Net Positive Homes, and turnkey community micro-grid options.
There is so much more to share however Nano X Solar adheres to the internal policy of protecting our IP (intellectual property). Please make an inquiry for additional information.