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Jonathan Saunders

Senior Partner and Director of Engineering

The owner of J4TG.com Jonathan is a leader in IT Infrastructure design, development and turnkey solutions delivery within the public, private and governmental sectors. He has a storied background and is a Veteran of the US Army. Jonathan is also known as an expert in laser technology development, testing, application and evolution with an impressive base of advanced laser technology capabilities.

His passions are working with diverse technologies, At J4TG we formed J4TG-Lasers, this really started the magic of growing and coating thin-film optics for wavelength technologies. Jonathan continues to follow his destiny to provide clean power and water to the world and Nano X Solar is a significant stepping stone for the evolutionary fulfillment of his dreams.

Peter Quan

Senior Partner and Quality Engineering PM

Peter is a seasoned quality engineer overseeing daily processes in business operations and engineering developments to assure total quality in Nano X Solar’s industrial structures. Peter will coordinate internal and external initiatives in R&D, patent developments, and corporate relations in the management of our solar foundry.

David Infante

Senior Innovation Specialist

David has a seasoned knowledge base in laser technology development and implementation. He was once the Laserist prodigy for Blue Oyster Cult. Working with developing technologies with lasers, optics, and system design for the entertainment industry David is one of our roll-out specialists. Today David continues to build new electronics and optical engineering for solar, batteries, power conversions, transformers, and micro-electronics.

Jeff Burnsides

Senior Laser Technology Manager

Jeff has been a developer of laser systems and new technology implementation within the concert and nightclub industry to include commercial development. With advanced expertise in laser functionality and laser system operations Jeff has a wealth of knowledge to add to our CBDT (core business development team). From concept to testing to implementation Jeff is an asset Nano X Solar will utilize to enhance our deliverable capabilities.

Anna Saunders

CFO and Senior Analysis

Anna is a seasoned financial expert with a focus on operational budget allocations, payroll management, procurement, accounts receivable and payable, financial processes and auditing. Anna also shares a passion for developing green technologies that have a positive impact on our planet and she is passionate about solar innovations.

Anna will facilitate all checks and balances relative to our financial resources and obligations as well as provide oversight for all in-house and outsourced initiatives related to capital flow.

Billy Pritchard

Senior Partner

Billy is an experienced Realtor with expertise in both commercial and residential property acquisitions and development projects. Billy is a Senior Partner of Nano X Solar and brings a wealth of knowledge to the table that is a major asset to the company. His communication and negotiation skills are proven and will be fully utilized as we evolve our manufacturing initiatives.

Brigadier General Mark G. Beesley

Senior Advisor

General Beesley will work with Nano X Solar as a senior advisor specializing in internal and external operational initiatives. General Beesley will actively assist Nano X Solar with the development and implementation of process models for compartmentalized logistics.

General Beesley has an impressive Bio that can be read in detail at this clickable link and we invite you to take a look at his background achievements.

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Jigar Shah

Senior Advisor

Mr. Shah needs no introduction as he is considered globally as a seasoned expert in solar innovation, technology development and real-world implementation. His expertise and global reach will benefit Nano X Solar in a multitude of ways while his hands-on approach to being a solar industry leader has already laid before us a pathway for cooperative partnerships with other global leaders.

Please read about Mr. Shah at this following link to learn more about his impressive background.

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Johnny Giles

Senior Consultant and Implementation Specialist

Johnny Giles is the owner of www.into-reality.com and has worked with both J4TG and J4TG-Lasers for many years. A seasoned consultant in the areas of business modeling, process development, JIT logistics, collateral presentation and marketing tool design and development, marketing plan design and social media optimization as well as cooperative and strategic partnership development, Johnny will be an incredible asset for our fulfillment capabilities as we evolve. Johnny is known for his ability to build and manage internal and external "bridges" between departments, individuals and groups to ensure project fulfillment. Johnny also specializes in training key Team members as well as developing real-time workflow initiatives that migrate on both a pre-planned and stop-gap evolutionary track. His expertise has evolved over hundreds of projects and his Team first attitude has resulted in a proven track record.
Additional Team Members Names and Titles not yet identified Nano X Solar is, and will continue to recruit new CBDT (core business development team) members and we will update this information regularly. We have identified individuals and both cooperative and strategic partners in the areas of; These individuals will join our Team as we implement our business model and Nano X Solar will continue to build mutually beneficial relationships that make us better at what we do.