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OUR GOAL: Nano X Solar is working on our primary goal of creating new solar panel technology that will enable our panels to capture more of the sun's energy and transfer that energy to the power grid, the immediate needs of a business, residential or commercial area and to be stored in our battery banks. The "how" is an intimate part of our IP (intellectual property) however we are happy to selectively share this information with our cooperative partners and Customers.
OUR WORK: Nano X Solar has been working to merge advanced science, laser technology and thin-film manufacturing techniques to create an innovative and highly durable solar panel. The panels themselves can be customized for a diversity of applications including different sizes.
OUR EVOLUTION: The CBDT (core business development team) of Nano X Solar is working on a "plan of action" that has a built-in flexibility enabling us to evolve naturally. This means our technologies are not static, they are designed to scale and evolve without major overhauls.