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SENIOR MANAGEMENT: Our CEO, CFO, CTO and both Advisors and Consultants make up our CBDT (core business development team) and oversee all operational aspects, Team building and leadership, corporate cooperatives and partnerships and the overall management of our business.
PERSONNEL: Nano X Solar is recruiting key Team members for each individual department in stages and this process will be ongoing. Our CBDT will oversee recruitment and management of all Personnel.
RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT: Nano X Solar has an independent division focused solely on research and development. This Team is made up of experts in the various fields related to our solar manufacturing and they are in charge of our innovations and new product launches.
COOPERATIVE PARTNERS: From Strategic Alliances, Cooperative Partners and both Suppliers and Vendors we outsource to Nano X Solar has a well established network of companies we are working with.
SALES AND MARKETING: Our Sales Team works closely with our network of professional installers and they manage all marketing initiatives globally. From pre-sales and sales to post installation our Sales Team is comprised of passionate people who love the work they do.
AS WE GROW: Nano X Solar will continue our recruitment initiatives and grow our internal and external Teams to meet the demand of our Cooperatives and Customers alike.