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Nano X Solar provides a wide range of initial and ongoing consulting services that are customized for each Client individually upon request. Our consulting services are provided in the following 7 primary categories, each of which have a number of sub-categories not listed herein;
  1. Solar installation and infrastructure pre/during/post development.
  2. PPA (power purchase agreement) acquisition from your local utility.
  3. Economic development resource identification to include concession and incentive procurement.
  4. Project development and project management services that include cooperative and strategic partnership recruitment.
  5. Business product and service development services that are directly and/or indirectly associated with solar integration.
  6. Advanced research and development program creation through evolution.
  7. Capitalization strategies that we can help our Clients develop and then implement.
Nano X Solar can accommodate any a-la-carte or even turnkey services requests and cater our approach to work within our Clients budget. Our goal is to become a turnkey solutions provider and Nano X Solar recognizes the importance of our Clients having as much information as possible.
Nano X Solar knows that the common belief is that knowledge is power however we believe that "Knowledge applied is powerful!" so we focus our efforts on empowering our Clients at each step. Please use our Contact Us page to request additional information or a no obligation assessment of your needs.