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SOLAR PANEL MANUFACTURING is the foundational aspect of Nano X Solar's capability. Our website and collateral materials elaborate on this and you can Contact Us anytime to learn more.
SOLAR INFRASTRUCTURE by selling solar panels for residential and commercial applications, as well as the turnkey equipment necessary to become operational, Nano X Solar is partnering with professional Installers globally to both sell and install our product lines.
NEW PROJECT DEVELOPMENT from solar farms that produce power to be sold through a PPA (power purchase agreement) to the local utility to new developments in the public, private and governmental sectors Nano X Solar has the capability to engage others on a national and global scale.
CONTRACTS AND R&D can be obtained and continued by Nano X Solar on an ongoing basis to both generate revenue and to turn innovation into scalable product lines. We have the capability to procure contracts as well as qualify for research and development funds to match our own capital investments.