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Nano X Solar, a subsidiary of NXS Technologies, Inc., is an innovative solar panel and equipment manufacturer based in the United States. Utilizing exotic materials, nanotechnology and emerging science to design multi-heterojunction cells Nano X Solar is a leader in efficient solar energy product development. The energy captured by our panels will increase watt output and the equipment infrastructure "we wrap around" our panels will have superior efficiency.
We have developed an incredible business model that our CBDT (core business development team) will continue to initiate and evolve to become a premier go-to solar panel and infrastructure equipment manufacturer. With higher energy gains from our innovative technology Nano X Solar will set a new benchmark for excellence in solar panel utilization and rollout nationally and globally.
Starting in late 2020 Nano X Solar is positioned to have an immediate positive impact on the solar industry as a whole by serving individual businesses, local, state and federal government entities and those in both the public and private sectors. Nano X Solar has developed "wrap around solutions" that are custom designed to easily accommodate any type of solar panel infrastructure. Contact us using our Contact page and a member of our Team will be happy to elaborate as well as answer any questions you may have. Also, check back often to see our natural evolution and we look forward to your communications.